Trauma-Informed Care

Veenu A
Publication Year: 2018
Patient Need Addressed: Behavioral health, Trauma
Population Focus: Low income, Vulnerable/disadvantaged
Demographic Group: Child
Type of Literature: Grey


Insights Results

Overview of article

  • This article introduces the launch of a trauma-informed care training in a large San Francisco-based collaborative

Key takeaways/implications

  • In holding training for the larger collaborative, it is important to create a shared understanding and language about adversity, stress, trauma and resilience across an organization. The larger collaborative is Resilient Beginning Collaborative, a learning program dedicated to addressing childhood adversity in pediatric safety net care settings through participation of 7 San Francisco Bay Area safety net clinics
  • It is important to recognize the widespread impact of trauma and start acknowledging the symptoms in patients, families and staff, and learn how to respond to trauma in a way that doesn’t retraumatize