The Dose of the Web of Well-Being with Integrated Clinical Case Management to Reduce Inequities in Value in a Medicaid Population​

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr. Patrick Runnels, Dr. Peter Pronovost (University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center)

Research Model

The relational and longitudinal Intensive Clinical Case Management model will have system-level integration and will include individuals with high complexity health conditions and any mental health disorder with caseloads of 30:1 maximum.

Evaluation Approach

The goal of this project is to  understand unplanned care and total cost of care.

Contribution to HSTRC’s Research Agenda 

  • Full integration of equity interventions into large health systems
  • Integration of behavioral and behavioral health engagement traditionally confined to community mental health settings into large health systems
  • Refinement of data gathering mechanisms that can be applied across larger population
  • Improve equity through enhanced relationship through evidence-based model
  • Correlate relationship, self-efficacy, mental illness, substance use disorders and overall health outcomes related to effectiveness of reducing disparities