The Impact of Telehealth Access on Health Equity for Patients, Families, and Community Members in Two Medicaid-Focused Pediatric Primary Care Models​

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr. Helen Hughes (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine)

Research Model

Telehealth was understudied in pediatrics prior to COVID-19, particularly among Medicaid-insured children who had little access. Using multidisciplinary models, the project will compare telehealth programs at Harriet Lane Clinic and Children’s Medical Practice and identify qualitative themes to refine models of care.

Evaluation Approach

Qualitative interviews will help understand patient/family and stakeholder insights regarding telehealth experience and opportunities/challenges for future improvement. Quantitative comparison of cost and quality (through HEDIS) data for in person versus telehealth visits (3/15/20-12/15/20) will be used to facilitate longer term policy and payment reform.

Contribution to HSTRC’s Research Agenda 

  • Community, patient/family, and stakeholder input from two Medicaid-insured populations with ability to compare and contrast.
  • Engagement of local stakeholders through Pediatric Medicaid Telehealth Equity Summit from health system and payor could lead to refining of models of care.